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Aurelia Turbines appoints Swedbank as lead advisor to explore financing options

Aurelia Turbines Oy has appointed Swedbank AB (publ) as their lead financial advisor to explore different financing options, including the possibility for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) by listing the Company's shares on Nasdaq Helsinki First North. Aurelia Turbines has reached significant technological milestones since starting the development of its highly innovative gas turbine, the Aurelia®…
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Learn more about hydrogen and Aurelia

There is now a new page dedicated to hydrogen at Aurelia's website. You can read there how hydrogen can be used in Aurelia’s turbines. Aurelia is collaborating with various hydrogen technology organisations. These organisations are also listed at the hydrogen page. The complete lists of Aurelia’s partner organisations and current public projects have been added to the company page. On the way…
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Aurelia Turbines is involved in the following projects. Participation in projects supports our efforts to be closely involved in sustainable development and the future in the energy sector/industry. The projects also contribute to and strengthen cooperation between our different partners / stakeholders. FUTURBINE Project The FUTURBINE project aims to support Aurelia’s growth strategy by demon…
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Our combustor for hydrogen-rich fuel is here!

Here we go, this is the first Aurelia Turbines combustor for hydrogen-rich fuel – developed by our partner the German Aerospace Center (DLR ). We achieve fuel flexibility for our small gas turbines by adopting a modular design concept where we can change key components to meet different application requirements. Our A400 is designed to use hydrogen, biogas, synthetic gas as well as other renewable…
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Aurelia Turbines commences deliveries of its gas turbines

Aurelia Turbines, the producer of the most efficient small gas turbines in the world, has commenced deliveries by shipping its first turbine for commercial use. The Aurelia® A400 turbine was sent to a client from Aurelia’s factory in Lappeenranta, Finland. The Aurelia® A400 turbine is ideally suited for small-scale combined heat and power (CHP) generation in decentralised grids across the world.…
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Business Strategy Our strategy is to focus on advance turbine system design and work in partnership with suppliers and distribution channels to provide to end users with the most clean and energy efficient turbines in the world. Brochures Download PDF English PDF German PDF Datasheets Download PDF English PDF German PDF Spanish PDF   Grants and Financial Support Company is fi…
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Aurelia Turbines starts EU H2020 project in September 2019

Aurelia has started the FUTURBINE project with a grant of over 2 M€ from the EU's Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2. The aim of the FUTURBINE project is to support Aurelia’s growth strategy by demonstrating and validating the fuel flexibility performance of Aurelia® A400 in a real time operational environment. Furthermore, the project will optimize the company’s value chain and launch its inno…
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