Tomi Pinomäki: There's a great team spirit at Aurelia!

Tomi Pinomäki joined Aurelia in January 2023 as our Production Operations Manager, which makes him responsible for production. When a customer places an order, Pinomäki is responsible for ensuring that the turbine is ready on schedule. This involves managing resources and planning production schedules with others.

‘You have to be able to predict, for example, by organising the work tasks, that when an order is received, it will be ready by a certain date in the calendar and there will be no surprises along the way.’

Pinomäki was attracted to Aurelia by the good team spirit that exists in the company. He had heard about it before he decided to apply to Aurelia. Once he started working here, this proved to be true.

‘It's really easy to approach people here. Everyone pulls together in the same direction towards the same goals, so we really are one big team. We have a common vision of what we want to achieve, and everyone works towards it.’

This is particularly important for Pinomäki, who is constantly working with different teams within the company.

‘My closest collaborators are those on the design and R&D side. We also interact a lot with HR and finance. Actually, I interact with almost everyone on a more or less daily basis.’

In his previous job, Pinomäki was a factory director in charge of packaging material for liquid food. Prior to that, he had a varied career with various engineering tasks. He started his career as an electrician.

Pinomäki moved from a large global company to a small growing company because of the opportunities it offered.

‘At Aurelia, I have more influence. I can use all the skills I have learned in this role. I also feel that I can help contribute to this growing company. We need to have a vision of what we want to do as we start to grow as a professional, manufacturing company.’

In a small company, everyone is known to each other and everyone's knowledge is valued.

‘You can clearly see your impact on the company. Everybody's inputs are valued and considered. For example, during production, I ask my team to share their opinions because they have been working here for several years, whereas I have only been here for two months. They know what works and what doesn't. This approach applies to all of us working here.’

At Aurelia, we try to be flexible on various things as much as possible, so that people can do their jobs in the way that suits them best.

‘The flexibility here is excellent. I see my role as one where I want to be here as much as possible – physically on site – so I haven't done much remote working. The value-adding activities of the production team take place during production, so I want to be there working with the production team as much as possible.’

Aurelia also offers several job benefits, including Epassi. In Lappeenranta, Epassi offers you the possibility of a delicious lunch, a fun night at the theatre or a rejuvenating massage.

‘I've only had the chance to use Epassi once so far, but I'm sure I will have more opportunities to make use of the various benefits it offers in the future.’