New turbine on its way to Germany

An Aurelia®A400 turbine has started its journey from Lappeenranta to the client near Bremen in northern Germany.

To comply with German transportation rules, special permits are required to transport the A400 from the seaport to the operational site. Since these permits are time sensitive, the Aurelia team has to manage the delivery timing with precision; collection from the factory, arrival at the port, sea passage, and then road haulage through Germany. As with other installations, transportation to the site must be coordinated with the delivery of the other equipment, site permits, and utility interconnections.

The delivery is a part of the H2020 EU grant-funded Futurbine project. The aim of the project is to support Aurelia’s growth strategy by demonstrating and validating the capability of the Aurelia®A400 to be fuel flexible, and optimizing the company’s value chain and integrator partner model and to continue the commercialization activities for global market entry.

Aurelia®A400 is a highly innovative 400 kW gas turbine with over 40% electric efficiency, offering the most efficient solution in the market for small-scale processes and the SME industry.