Aurelia signs agreement with Signal Power Group to package the iA400

US-based Signal Power Group has ordered an Aurelia® iA400 configuration and will package the unit as part of their low emissions power generation business. This is the first time Aurelia’s products have been sold to the USA. The purchase order is the latest vote of confidence in Aurelia’s high-efficiency, multi-fuel and low-emission turbine technology.

Aurelia® iA400 is a small gas turbine model based on Aurelia® A400 configuration, but iA400s are locally assembled by one of Aurelia’s selected third-party channel partners using their source components. Signal Power is also working with Aurelia as a packager of the complete power plant for distribution and service. In addition to the turbine, Signal Power and other distributors can provide clients with the special knowledge to deal with local regulatory and project requirements, help with installation and provide support after successful installations all around the globe.

Aurelia® iA400 was launched in June 2023. With the new configuration, Aurelia Turbines can build more turbines and make production faster, which helps to meet the high demand for fuel-flexible turbines globally. Aurelia’s products can use syngas, hydrogen, biogas, and other renewable and non-standard fuels.


About SPG

SPG is a leading provider of sustainable energy solutions, and related services for the global industrial, energy and marine markets. SPG’s product offerings include turbine drive trains and related solutions for electric power generation, including microgrids, datacenters, combined heat and power and mobile power solutions, natural resources applications and the marine end markets. SPG is a portfolio company of Morgan Stanley Energy Partners.

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