Purchase order for 20 turbine configurations from Taiwan

Taiwan-based Jhuo Sih International, Aurelia Turbines’ newly appointed integrator, has ordered 20 of Aurelia’s turbine configurations. It will locally package several units for its clients in the region using its sourced components. In addition to the turbine, Jhuo Sih can provide clients with the particular knowledge to deal with local regulatory and project requirements, help with installation and provide support after successful installations all around the region.

Jhuo Sih International exploits the fuel flexibility of turbines by offering its customers turbines to run on various fuels. Some of its clients are interested in using syngas and some hydrogen as a fuel. The turbine is modular and designed to utilise a wide range of fuel, from standard liquid and gaseous fuels to hydrogen, biogas, biodiesel, flare gasses and even synthetic and recovered gases.

Aurelia’s small gas turbine configurations provide 400 kWe with an electrical efficiency greater than 40%. The turbine design is a patented twin-spool, intercooled and recuperated (IRG2) gas turbine cycle.

Asia is seen as a promising market for all parties. An Aurelia® A400 turbine unit was delivered earlier this year to Taiwan to burn fuel produced from municipal waste through gasification.

Taiwan has made the goal of being net-zero by or before 2050 by using Hydrogen as a fuel.