New CEO Tony Hynes leads Aurelia Turbines to the syngas market

Please meet Aurelia’s new CEO, Tony Hynes, in his home office in the UK. In the interview he shares his insights about the next steps of Aurelia and market development.

Aurelia’s turbines are of modular construction and designed to utilize a wide range of fuel, from standard gaseous fuels to hydrogen, biogas, biodiesel, flare gasses and even synthetic and recovered gases. Recently, several customers have been particularly interested in the possibility of using syngas as a fuel.

"You cannot just vent it into the atmosphere. They used to do it, but you cannot do that anymore. You have to safely use it or filtrate it or somehow treat it: it is the market that’s pulling us into it through necessity", Hynes says.

Hynes considers hydrogen one of the fuels that will give Aurelia a solution for the future.

"We’ve got a foothold in hydrogen. We know through our supply chain that we can get to 100% hydrogen capability. With the EU’s support in the Robinson project, we can also increase the level of hydrogen in the fuel and demonstrate our capabilities."

Aurelia has made plans around the integrator model for a long time and Hynes will go on in this way.

"Our goto market strategy has always been to use distributors. They’re people who understand the mechanical, electrical, project finance, and regulations local to their market. And they can deal with the installation and support."

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