Aurelia Turbines starts EU H2020 project in September 2019

Aurelia has started the FUTURBINE project with a grant of over 2 M€ from the EU's Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2.

The aim of the FUTURBINE project is to support Aurelia’s growth strategy by demonstrating and validating the fuel flexibility performance of Aurelia® A400 in a real time operational environment. Furthermore, the project will optimize the company’s value chain and launch its innovative integrator partner model and accelerate the commercialization activities for global market entry.

‘This is a real boost to Aurelia; with this support from the European Union our plans and strategy can not only be put into motion but can be placed in top gear’, commented CEO Matti Malkamäki. ‘Thanks to the EU’s H2020 we can develop our fuel flexibility, focus on lowering costs, broaden our distribution and bring cleaner power generation technology to the market earlier than we had planned. This is truly exciting’, Malkamäki added.

The duration of the project is 2 years and its progress will be regularly reported on the company’s dedicated FUTURBINE page, which will be linked to Aurelia's own website.

The FUTURBINE project is coordinated by Maija Mäkinen a project manager at Aurelia Turbines.

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Aurelia Turbines commercialises the most efficient small gas turbines in the world. To date, Aurelia has developed a new 400 kWe gas turbine, the Aurelia® A400. Aurelia’s technology can be used in many different applications, including commercial and industrial end users who require both electrical power and heat for their processes, as well as those who require steam and/or cooling. Aurelia’s systems can use renewable fuels, as well as non-standard fuels. Aurelia seeks to deliver the core components of its technology to its regional partners who then assemble and sell the complete integrated turbine system as local product in their respective markets. Aurelia was established in 2013 and is located in Lappeenranta, Finland, with offices also in Germany and the UK.
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CEO Matti Malkamäki, Aurelia Turbines
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Project Manager Maija Mäkinen, Aurelia Turbines
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