Aurelia Turbines and HENNLICH ENERGY embark upon market development in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia


Aurelia Turbines Oy and HENNLICH ENERGY have entered into a business development agreement to introduce the high efficiency Aurelia™ A400 gas turbine to two of the most receptive combined heat and power markets in Europe.

HENNLICH has for many years been a pioneer in bringing new and advanced power generation technologies not only to the Czech Republic but also to all its office locations across Europe, including Slovakia. HENNLICH will apply its engineering experience and industry contacts to identify lead customers to showcase Aurelia’s world-class turbine technology with the aim of making the A400 the turbine of choice for commercial and industrial end users.

"HENNLICH brings the professionalism and detailed approach that will lead to successful installations of the A400 and build a platform of applications that can be repeated throughout HENNLICH’s regional offices. We are fortunate to have such a dedicated partner", comments Tony Hynes, Commercial Director of Aurelia Turbines.

"HENNLICH always wants to keep ahead of the competition with the energy solutions we provide, and we believe that the advances in performance offered by the Aurelia™ A400 will be well received by a range of end users. There is work to do, but we feel confident about the future growth in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and further afield", says Tomáš Holčák, Division Manager of HENNLICH ENERGY based in Litomĕrice.


About the Aurelia A400: The Aurelia™ A400 is the most efficient small gas turbine in the world. It provides 400 kWe with an electrical efficiency above 40%. The turbine is a two-spool, intercooled and recuperated (IRG2) gas turbine. The turbine has a modular construction and is designed to utilise a wide variety of fuels ranging from standard liquid and gaseous fuels to biogas, biodiesel, flare gases and even synthetic and recovered gases.

HENNLICH ENERGY develops and delivers innovative technologies for heat and power industry in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Aurelia Turbines Oy was established in 2013 and is located in Lappeenranta, Finland, with offices also in Germany and the UK. Aurelia is focused on commercialising the most efficient small gas turbines in the world. To date, Aurelia has developed a new 400kWe gas turbine utilising IRG2 (Intercooled and Recuperated, Generator on 2 spools) process, the A400. Aurelia’s technology can be used in many different applications, including for commercial and industrial end users who require both electrical power and heat for their processes, as well as those who require steam and/or cooling. Aurelia’s systems are capable of using renewable fuels, as well as non-standard fuels.

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