The Finnish Climate Fund presents Aurelia Turbines in its Corporate Social Responsibility Report

The Finnish Climate Fund has just published its first CSR report. The mission of the fund is to promote innovative climate solutions and the Code of Conduct requires the Climate Fund to assess the impact of investments on climate change when making funding decisions. From this perspective, the Climate Fund also presents Aurelia Turbines in its report.

The Climate Fund's three main impact criteria for an investment in Aurelia Turbines:

  • Emission reduction potential: significant emission reduction potential, estimated at around 1.5 Mt CO2e over a ten-year period.
  • Business potential: The solution will enable a smooth transition towards a hydrogen economy, thus accelerating the development of hydrogen infrastructure.
  • The company's activities are in line with the EU taxonomy under the assumption that the turbines will be fuelled with green hydrogen or biogas.

Project-specific approaches developed with external experts has been used to assess the emission reduction potential of the sites and to monitor emission reductions.

Read more in the Finnish Climate Fund report: