Malkamäki: “Europe needs better regulation”

Matti Malkamäki, CEO of Aurelia Turbines, gave a keynote speech entitled “The hydrogen revolution – what opportunities does it give us?“ at the Energiapäivä event at the Energiamessut fair in Tampere, Finland on 25 October.

In his speech, Malkamäki delved into the question “Why hydrogen?” There is a lot of discussion and support for hydrogen – why is this, and what does hydrogen enable? Malkamäki provided an overview of related developments across the world, including what is being done in neighbouring regions, in the EU and outside Europe, and in Finland.

In his expert presentation, Malkamäki compared regulations in Japan, the USA and Europe. The current plans for the EU regulation are very detailed, and thus, they may hinder the development of the hydrogen business. One of the reasons for the rapid increase in investments in the USA is the regulatory environment that favours innovations to new technologies.