First Aurelia iA400 orders from Australia

Aurelia Turbines has received its first purchase order for the new Aurelia® iA400 configuration. Aurelia® iA400 is a small gas turbine model based on Aurelia® A400 configuration, but iA400 will be locally packaged by one of Aurelia’s selected third-party distributors using their own source components.

The first purchase order is for five iA400’s from Aurelia’s trusted and experienced Australian distributor, OTEC Pacific Pty Limited. OTEC’s CEO, Conrad Gaudin, has the vision to develop syngas and hydrogen applications in Australia, with significant market demand and growing government support.

`We feel that this expansion of Aurelia’s product offering will be a shift in gear for the business as well as an accelerator of Aurelia’s technology being deployed globally. Several partners have shown great interest in our new configuration’, says Tony Hynes, the CEO of Aurelia Turbines.

OTEC is working to establish entry into Australia's distributed power market with gas turbine power systems using sustainable fuels. OTEC is preparing business plans and partnerships to promote the Aurelia product range of high-efficiency, multi-fuel, low-emission power generation products and services that enable Australian SMEs to lower their energy costs, reduce their carbon emissions and increase their power independence and resilience.

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For more information about OTEC Pacific Pty Ltd, please contact CEO Conrad Gaudin