Career started with a master’s thesis at Aurelia

Five years ago, Matti Päivärinne came to Aurelia to work on his thesis.

‘I studied mechanical and energy engineering in Tampere. I also took a course on gas turbines and was inspired to do my thesis somewhere other than a traditional company. I applied to Aurelia, and it worked out’.

‘Together, we looked at what the topic and the work should be and what the result should be. But then you were given a pretty free hand for the final execution’.

The end result was Päivärinne's thesis, ‘Process Simulation Tool Development for a Small Gas Turbine’, which was accepted by Tampere University. In it, Päivärinne developed a process modelling tool to show customers the turbine's performance according to customer conditions and applications.

‘After six months of working on my thesis and getting to know the company better, I was ready to continue working here’.

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