Aurelia® A400 included in the ASUE microturbine brochure

ASUE, a German consortium for economic and ecofriendly energy consumption, has published a brochure about microturbines and their technology, specifications and applications. It provides the reader with a compact and complete explanation of the functions and properties of micro gas turbines.

The report lists the details of the most commercially available microturbines as well as Aurelia® A400 small gas turbine. The report is written in a way that makes comparing the turbines easy for the reader and it lists applications including project examples.

With the new brochure, ASUE wants to support further market penetration of this highly growing distributed generation technology.

You can download the summary of the brochure “Mikrogasturbinen: Technologie, Kenndaten, Anwendungen” as well as find more information about the report here: