Aurelia Turbines: Winning finalist at Kasvu Open Competition & recipient of the Going Global programme award.

Kasvu Open is the largest competition for start-up companies to impress growth experts in Finland. Throughout the competition all types of ambitious companies have an opportunity to present their growth plans to panels of experts, free of charge. The result is that these companies have an opportunity to clarify and sharpen their growth plans and enlarge their network with the best possible growth venture experts and investors in the country.

The competition format is that over 900 expert managers will meet and interview a group of selected applicants. The selected companies will number over 450 chosen from more than 700 entrants. In total, these selected small and medium sized companies will endure over 4550 hours of Q&As. The experts offer their knowledge and skills on a voluntary basis. Kasvu Open gathers growth professionals, investors and other partners into one solid network, which supports the companies.

Although first defined as a competition, Kasvu Open does not aim at bringing companies to compete for the titles. On the contrary, it builds a platform where each company can introduce its ideas, test them, receive feedback, polish the plans and try to solve problems together with the experts on the way of making own dreams come true. Ultimately, the experts select those companies with the best ideas and growth plans. Those lucky few, only five, are then sponsored to meet potential investors in Silicon Valley to make ’their pitch’. Aurelia Turbines is one of the growth companies chosen to be sponsored!

Additionally, Aurelia has been chosen to participate in the ’Going Global’ programme. This is a programme dedicated to developing international growth for selected start-up companies. Over the next few months, Aurelia will benefit from consultation, workshops and focus groups run by internationalization specialists in Finland and the UK. This guidance and support will enable Aurelia to overcome the barriers and challenges to international market expansion.