Aurelia Turbines to decarbonise islands in Horizon 2020 project

Aurelia Turbines is proud to join Robinson, a Horizon 2020 project aimed to help decarbonise islands. The project will optimise the utilisation of local renewable resources by deploying an integrated, smart and cost-efficient energy system coupling thermal and electrical networks, demonstrated in industrial environment on the Eigerøy island, Norway.

The ambition of Robinson is to decrease the energy production costs, reduce dependence on mainland power and phase out fossil fuels currently used by the demo island’s industries in a relatively short term, thus significantly contribute to island’s decarbonisation. The solutions will be replicated on the follower islands Western Isle of Scotland and Crete. The modularity and adaptability of the system will allow further replicability also in other islands and remote areas in Europe and beyond.

Through the development of the optimised Energy Management System (EMS), Robinson will integrate novel or adapted technologies, such as small gas turbine-based combined heat and power (CHP), anaerobic digester assisted by biochemical systems to enable the conversion of liquid waste into biomethane, a mobile wind turbine, a gasifier to covert biowaste as well as electrolyser and storage system for hydrogen.

The project of 18 partners will run for 4 years starting in October 2020. The overall budget of the project is 8,4 million euro.