Aurelia Turbines releases its new website

Aurelia Turbines, manufacturers of the most efficient small gas turbines in the world, published its new website today boldly stating a new image in power generation technology. The structure and design of the new website reflects an attitude in line with its products, utilising leading edge IT functionality. This approach to the product build will add more value for Aurelia customers and is underlined in the new website being entirely responsive and easily read with any pc or smart device.

Matti Malkamäki, CEO of Aurelia Turbines comments: “It is the philosophy of Aurelia Turbines to develop its products and systems with strong, highly skilled partners who are specialists in their own field. It was decided that our visual identity and the website would be created with partners Hahmo and Flockler – ensuring the quality of appearance and structure. The new design also enables us to link the website effectively to social media and to launch new language versions easily.”

Aurelia Turbines have successfully commercialised technology developed in Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland. The pedigree of this technology has been established over 30 years of Research and Development in high speed technology and fluid dynamics. From the outset the strategy of the Aurelia team has been to have a world class product with high reliability and high efficiency, achieved with modular components. To this end Aurelia will retain the core expertise and employ industrial, world-class partners to ensure component scalability and ease of integration into Aurelia’s own technology.