Aurelia Turbines completes 3.7 M€ of new investments

Aurelia Turbines has secured 3.7 M€ in new equity investment to provide working capital to fulfil existing orders for the A400 gas turbine, expand into new markets, and start the development of the next larger size turbine. The first A 400 turbines will be delivered in the coming months. New equity came from First Imagine!, a UK venture capital firm and other investors from China, Kenya and Finland, as well as the existing shareholders.

Matti Malkamäki, the CEO of Aurelia Turbines commented: “This is a remarkable milestone in our development. We were able to get new investors to join us and not just any investors – we now have global partners that invested because they see a demand for our products. This is true evidence that we have the right strategy at Aurelia Turbines.”

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