Aurelia®A400 turbine is presenting at the EU Green Week partner event

Aurelia Turbines Commercial Director Tony Hynes is presenting Aurelia®A400 turbine at the EU Green Week on 3 June 2021.

Innovative technologies help islands re-use their waste and unused resources to improve their carbon footprint and energy security. In a forthcoming webinar, representatives from ROBINSON and IANOS, two Horizon 2020 funded projects, illustrate how this can be done. The speakers will showcase two technologies developed in the projects:

In ROBINSON, AD+BES technology will allow Eigerøy and other islands to repurpose their industrial biological waste to produce biomethane (CH4), so diminishing carbondioxide (CO2) emissions while increasing energy security.

In IANOS, Autogenerative High Pressure Digestion (AHPD) will convert sewage, swill and other organic waste into biomethane (CH4), and it can be used directly or injected at a later moment in the grid.

The webinar will also feature Tony Hynes from Aurelia Turbines. He focuses on technologies that help to use these gasses to respond to the energetic needs of islands and communities.


Ugo Simeoni, ETN Global – ROBINSON project
Nuno Marinho, EDP – IANOS project
Nikolaos Nikolopoulos, CERTH – IANOS project
Daniele Molognoni, LEITAT – ROBINSON project
Tony Hynes, Aurelia Turbines – ROBINSON project

F. Peccianti, RINA Consulting

Location: Online, Teams event

Date: Thursday 03 June 2021, 14:00-15:30 Brussels Time

Join us in webinar: From waste to grid - re-using resources to achieve energy independence on islands