Aurelia present in Taiwan’s fast-developing energy market

Tony Hynes in Taipei
Aurelia Turbines CEO Tony Hynes at a Nordic Energy Seminar in Taipei

In November, Aurelia’s CEO Tony Hynes presented Aurelia’s vision on future energy technology at the Nordic Energy Event, the Nordic-Taiwan Sustainable Energy Forum in Taipei, and discussed the recent developments and future trends with local companies.

In 2022, Taiwan announced an ambitious 2050 Net-Zero target. It opened up promising business prospects for Nordic companies operating in the energy sector. A key emphasis is being placed on hydrogen-related solutions as well as alternative renewable energy. The government and industries are actively researching hydrogen-related solutions, including hydrogen production, energy generation using hydrogen, applications, and infrastructure required for storage and transportation. Additionally, the government is committed to diversifying its renewable energy portfolio beyond solar and wind, venturing into areas such as ocean energy, wave energy, biofuels, thermal energy and so on.

The Taipei government has budgeted almost 29 billion euros by 2030 to achieve the 2050 Net-Zero target. The Taiwanese private sector is also speeding up the transition to follow the trend of Net-Zero emission worldwide to remain competitive in the global supply chain.

Business Finland Taipei co-organises the Nordic Energy Forum with Sweden and Denmark annually. Business Finland works with local authorities such as the Energy Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and city government to address energy-related topics. It is a valuable platform for Nordic companies to connect with key government officials and local stakeholders.