Aurelia meeting the Dutch hydrogen mission

Aurelia Turbines CEO Matti Malkamäki chaired "Hydrogen & CCU discussion group" for the hydrogen innovation mission from Groningen, the Netherlands in Vaasa, Finland, on 19 May. The #Gromeetsnordics had arrived in Sweden and Finland to connect with industrial stakeholders, academia and other possible partners around topics such as energy, mobility and human capital.

“It was noted that there is really, really a lot of potential for cooperation. The Groningen region wants to network with regions like ours,” Malkamäki says.

For the Finnish-Swedish BotH2nia network collaboration with Groningen is also very interesting because Groningen has been appointed by the EU as one of the Hydrogen Valleys in Europe.

“Joint hydrogen valley work is now underway,” Malkamäki tells.