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Will coronavirus change the energy market?

The pandemic is changing the world in many ways. In the global energy market, the renewables may take a great leap forward even though some projects may first be delayed. New data suggests that the share of solar and wind energy has been increasing in the grid around the globe. At first sight, the current situation looks bad for renewable energy. Both the corona crisis and the collapse of oil pr…
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Hydrogen plays a key role in the European Green Deal

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen launched the European Green Deal last Wednesday, on 11 December. The goal is ambitious. If the European Green Deal becomes reality, the European Union will become climate neutral by 2050. To reach the goal, the EU will have to overturn almost every policy area. Europe inevitably needs hydrogen to reach this arduous goal. Looking at the commissio…
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For the Green Deal, hydrogen also needs to be green

The new European Commission is planning a European Green Deal. The goal is to create the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. This cannot happen without using much more hydrogen than at the moment because hydrogen is a zero-emission fuel when burned with oxygen. However, not all forms of hydrogen are alike. We need to shift from grey hydrogen, the production of which causes CO₂ emissions, to cl…
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Hydrogen is a tricky fuel, but provides major benefits

Hydrogen is a fantastic energy carrier. It is a clean fuel: during combustion, the only waste product is pure water. There is no CO₂ released into the atmosphere. Theoretically, there is plenty of hydrogen available. You can make it in several ways, even from water using electricity. That electricity can now be produced from renewable sources like wind and solar power. In a hydrogen fuel cycle, wat…
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China’s energy revolution boosts new energy technology

China is taking a big step forward now that it has radically changed its energy policy. Having become the largest user of coal in the world, it is now trying to shift its focus to gas and renewable energy sources. This offers an enormous opportunity to commercialise novel energy technologies that have been missing in the market. Try to take a selfie in the Forbidden City in Beijing – it should n…
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Renewable energy is only as clean as the power generation that supports it

Wind and solar energy need balancing power, because wind dies down every now and then, and the sun goes down every day. The type of the balancing power has an enormous impact on the total carbon footprint of the energy production. The use of renewable energy should always be planned along with decisions about balancing power. One out of 10 Finns believes that nuclear power generates more carbon…
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We fight climate change with energy efficiency

A few weeks ago, scientists reported a massive insect loss in Puerto Rico [1]. On the island, there is the famous El Yunque National Forest, the only rain forest of the greater Caribbean region. In the 1970s, researchers placed sticky traps in El Yunque on the ground and in the forest canopy. Researchers could pass nets hundreds of times. Then they measured the weights of the dry captured biomass t…
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Energy efficiency alone can stabilise the world’s CO2 emissions

Last month, May 2018, was here in Berlin the warmest May in the last 130 years. At home, we needed to keep the windows closed all the time to prevent the hot air from steaming inside. This has not happened to us in May before. When we have more heat waves than before, the health risks grow bigger especially among old and sick people, fields are drying out and many species are dying out. Climate c…
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