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The most efficient small gas turbines in the world

With efficiencies above the competition, we are transforming distributed energy generation.

State-of-the-art turbine design meets products of today

Reliability is guaranteed using proven technologies developed and manufactured by our exclusive partners.

Combining steam with power generation just became easy

Our turbine enables simple and efficient steam generation for small and medium size industrial process.

Modular design allows flexibility

Aurelia’s combustion process has been developed to use renewable and other non-standard fuels.

Delivering value beyond competition

Our turbine incorporates the latest innovative design technologies. What added value can Aurelia offer you?

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Aurelia Turbines at International VDI Conference in Amsterdam 25.-26.10.2017

Gas Turbines Strategies in Times of Renewable Energy The conference "Gas Turbines - Strategies in Times of Renewable Energy" focuses on gas turbines as a transition technology for the change in energy policy on a technical as well as a strategic level. The conference provides a unique platform for energy-providers and network suppliers to engage in cross-exchange and networking. Our CEO Matti Ma…
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Aurelia Turbines at European Venture Fair in Zurich 20.-21.9.2017

European Venture Fair 2017 conference is for fund and corporate venture investors in the broad investment theme of industrial innovation. Aurelia Turbines has been selected to pitch at this outstanding event. The pitch is presented by Peter Eisenkolb, Business Development Associate (from www.cp-i.at). The Energy Venture Forum was established in 2007 to promote activities and to use its assets exc…
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