The most efficient small gas turbines in the world

With efficiencies above the competition, we are transforming distributed energy and heat generation.

Energy efficient

The Aurelia® A400 provides 400 kWe with an electrical efficiency greater than 40%.

Hydrogen as a fuel

Turbines can use hydrogen, biogas, synthetic gas as well as other renewable and non-standard fuels.

No methane slip

If you use natural or bio gas as a fuel, there is no methane slip from a turbine.

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New CEO Tony Hynes leads Aurelia Turbines to the syngas market

Please meet Aurelia’s new CEO, Tony Hynes, in his home office in the UK. In the interview he shares his insights about the next steps of Aurelia and market development. Aurelia’s turbines are of modular construction and designed to utilize a wide range of fuel, from standard gaseous fuels to hydrogen, biogas, biodiesel, flare gasses and even synthetic and recovered gases. Recently, several custom…
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Tomi Pinomäki: There's a great team spirit at Aurelia!

Tomi Pinomäki joined Aurelia in January 2023 as our Production Operations Manager, which makes him responsible for production. When a customer places an order, Pinomäki is responsible for ensuring that the turbine is ready on schedule. This involves managing resources and planning production schedules with others. ‘You have to be able to predict, for example, by organising the work tasks, that wh…
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