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The most efficient small gas turbines in the world

With efficiencies above the competition, we are transforming distributed energy and heat generation.

State-of-the-art turbine design meets the demands of today

Reliability is assured using proven technologies developed and manufactured by our exclusive partners.

Combining steam with power generation just became easy

Our turbine enables simple and efficient steam generation for small and medium size industrial processes.

A modular design

Modular design allows for meeting local requirements and meeting your needs.

Fuel flexibility

Aurelia’s low emission combustion process has been developed to use hydrogen, biogas, synthetic gas as well as other renewable and non-standard fuels.

Delivering value beyond competition

Our turbine incorporates the latest innovative design technologies. What added value can Aurelia offer you?

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Aurelia CEO Matti Malkamäki chosen to the steering group of the Finnish hydrogen cluster

Matti Malkamäki, the CEO of Aurelia Turbines, has been chosen to the steering group of the Finnish hydrogen cluster. A company-led national hydrogen cluster has been established to boost the hydrogen economy and develop the export of hydrogen-related solutions. The cluster accelerates the development of the hydrogen economy and the competitiveness of enterprises by promoting investment and an ope…
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Aurelia Turbines mukaan kansalliseen vetyklusteriin − klusteri edistää yhteistyöllä vetytalouteen siirtymistä

Lappeenrantalainen turbiinivalmistaja Aurelia Turbines on liittynyt mukaan kansalliseen vetyklusteriin. Yritysvetoinen klusteri on perustettu vauhdittamaan vetytaloutta ja kehittämään vetyyn liittyvien ratkaisujen vientiä. Aurelia Turbinesin toimitusjohtaja Matti Malkamäki toimii vetyklusterin ohjausryhmän lisäksi nyt myös EU:ta vetytalouteen siirtävässä European Clean Hydrogen Alliancessa. Yrit…
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