The most efficient small gas turbines in the world

With efficiencies above the competition, we are transforming distributed energy and heat generation.

Energy efficient

The Aurelia® A400 provides 400 kWe with an electrical efficiency greater than 40%.

Hydrogen as a fuel

Turbines can use hydrogen, biogas, synthetic gas as well as other renewable and non-standard fuels.

No methane slip

If you use natural or bio gas as a fuel, there is no methane slip from a turbine.

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500 million hydrogen plant in Kokkola is just a baby step – Malkamäki’s five responses on Yle shed light on why hydrogen is important and for whom

Flexens, a company based in Åland, plans to build a 300 megawatt hydrogen plant in Kokkola, Finland, which will produce hydrogen by electrolysis and further process it into green ammonia. The project has an investment cost of EUR 500 million. “This is the largest green hydrogen project in Finland so far, and it is large even by European standards," says Timo Ritonummi, Industry Counsellor at th…
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BotH2nia visited Aurelia

Finnish-Swedish network BotH2nia visited Aurelia’s premises in Lappeenranta. Aurelia Turbines’ CEO Matti Malkamäki, R&D Director Toni Hartikainen and CFO Janne Pottonen presented some 80 visitors with fuel-flexible turbines and how hydrogen can be used in Aurelia’s products. The BotH2nia network aims to build a robust hydrogen industry around the northern Baltic Sea. It combines its members’…
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