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Aurelia Turbines CEO Matti Malkamäki: EU can learn from Japan and USA

“The EU has a lot to learn from the USA and Japan. When the Americans are good at commercializing new hydrogen technology, the EU is good at creating bureaucracy”, tells Aurelia Turbines Matti Malkamäki on stage at Northern Power - H2 Now! event in Oulu. Malkamäki was sharing his insights about the global hydrogen market development with the audience in the event. The Northern Power event opened…
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Learn more about hydrogen and Aurelia

There is now a new page dedicated to hydrogen at Aurelia's website. You can read there how hydrogen can be used in Aurelia’s turbines. Aurelia is collaborating with various hydrogen technology organisations. These organisations are also listed at the hydrogen page. The complete lists of Aurelia’s partner organisations and current public projects have been added to the company page. On the way…
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