Jukka-Pekka Hyttinen

Jukka-Pekka Hyttinen: “In Aurelia you can develop your work”

Jukka-Pekka Hyttinen knows Aurelia inside and out as he is one of Aurelia's longest-serving employees. During his six-year career, he has changed jobs and worked in various positions.

“I originally joined Aurelia as an electrician through an apprenticeship. I learned how to build a machine, do cabling and other installations. Because of the turbine that was being developed – it was new to everyone at the time – and you could use your own skills very widely”, says Hyttinen.

As his skills expanded, Hyttinen also began advising new installers.

“Now, I’m working on my second apprenticeship, which is considered an advanced secondary education. As a newcomer to my job, I have added more commissioning and testing. Now, my job description is quite varied here.”

Technological developments are also changing the job description. Machines have advanced, and now Aurelia is introducing AI-based design tools.

Hyttinen says he likes the way the job is evolving.

“I’m happy to change my job description to testing and deployment now because there are interesting things I want to learn. It’s fun to develop something all the time in itself.”

At Aurelia, this attitude has been well received.

“We’ve talked about it several times with our manager and outlined what the job description could be in a couple of years. I’ve started talking to the manager myself, and the manager has also occasionally tugged on my sleeve to see what my goals are. Then, we have worked out together how they fit into the company’s objectives.”

The emphasis on team spirit

Hyttinen has previously worked in larger companies but extols the collaborative attitude at Aurelia.

“Aurelia has [a] significantly strong team spirit. It’s a small company. You can see that in the way the team takes on other people. You can come and talk to everyone and share your own good and bad news. For example, you don’t have to think that someone is from the management team and you have to talk to them in a different way. You can tell the same jokes to everyone.”

Although the company is small, it is international. There are colleagues from different countries.

“Sometimes you need to speak English, but that’s not a problem.”

Employee benefits in place

Hyttinen considers “Epassi” to be Aurelia’s best employee benefit. In the summer, Hyttinen attends the three-day Tuska festival in Helsinki, and tickets can be bought with Epassi.

“Every year I want to go there – especially if you can buy tickets this way, then definitely. You always look forward to it all year round.”

Hyttinen is also involved in “Tyky” workplace health promotion activities.

“Everything that can be organised through Tyky, we try to organise.”

Confidence in labour union activities

Hyttinen is involved in trade union activities as a shop steward on the factory employee side. Hyttinen also praises Aurelia’s activities in this area. Dialogue flows smoothly between the employer and the employees. Usually, most of the union work is done in connection with the annual changes to collective agreements.

“The company works well within the framework of what the unions have agreed to.”

Even difficult issues are easier to work through when there is confidence that all parties’ needs are being taken into account.

“You get the feeling that things are also being thought about from the employees' point of view.”

Hyttinen also acts as a health and safety representative at Aurelia.

"I have worked in the industry in several companies for years and have seen people working in various ways. Working safely is important, and I am happy that I have been able to promote it at Aurelia for several years now."