Aurelia recommended as an employer by team members

Aurelia employees are very willing to recommend working for Aurelia, according to the third annual employee well-being survey. The company’s 2023 employee net promoter score (eNPS) is 65 on a scale from -100 to 100. The eNPS measures employees’ willingness to promote Aurelia as an employer and can thus be seen as a marker of employee happiness.

The well-being survey provides critical data for improvement and development. The results of each annual survey have been analysed and processed, giving insight into how to make Aurelia an even better place to work.

The results indicate that Aurelia is doing many things well – even exceptionally well – with an overall score of 4.31 on a scale of 1–5. These excellent scores stem from the success factors of our supervisors’ exceptional work, the functionality of our work community, and employees’ ability to use their unique personal skills at work, all of which received scores of over 4.3.

These results highlight Aurelia’s core philosophy: we work as a team, together, for a better future. The company has a solid cultural foundation of mutual respect among employees and management, an energetic approach to situations requiring action, and opportunities for personal growth.

Although we excel in many areas, we have some aspects we can improve. As we strive for significant scaling and growth, we will improve communications throughout the company and manage the ever-changing landscape in creative ways.

In the meantime, we are thrilled to work in an environment where individuals make an impact and are proud of our work. Aurelia employees have defined the company as supportive, fun, friendly and professional – confirmed by the survey results.

One anonymous survey respondent said: “All the development ideas I proposed have been listened to. Now these ideas are in progress or already implemented.”

Another expressed: “The necessary work has been done. Things have gone well for me. Cooperation is also very good.”

With things looking good, we will continue to develop our organisation further, bringing success for our employees as well as the company.

Over 85% of employees responded to the survey, giving a comprehensive image of well-being in Aurelia. It was conducted in collaboration with pension insurance company Elo, which provided the technology for a reliable and anonymous survey process.