About us

Our Story

Aurelia Turbines Oy was established in 2013.

We are the first company in the world to utilise IRG2-process in its gas turbines. IRG2 stands for “intercooled and recuperated, generator on both shafts” – this process enables high electrical efficiency. The technology was developed in Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland. The pedigree of this technology has been established over 30 years of Research and Development in high speed technology and fluid dynamics. We have extensive immaterial rights on the core technology and continue to develop a portfolio of IP protection around the product and its application.

The main office and manufacturing facilities are located in Lappeenranta, Finland. We have also offices in Germany and the United Kingdom.

Our Vision

To be acknowledged for delivering the most efficient small gas turbines in the world.

Our Mission

Through innovative design and together with our partners, we manufacture the most efficient gas turbines for the benefit of end-customers around the world to reduce their operating costs, improve their performance, and protect the environment.

Our Core Values

  • Being efficient
  • Responsibility
  • Reliability
  • Being professional
  • Commitment to continuous improvement and innovation


The Board

  • Kameel Virjee (Chair)
  • Bryce L. Fort
  • Martti Hintikka
  • Matti Malkamäki (CEO)
  • Alexander Starchenko